Youth Lacrosse Association for North Alabama.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain, renew, or lookup US Lacrosse information?  
            A prerequisite to member registration with Huntsville Lacrosse Association is current membership with US Lacrosse.  Membership in US Lacrosse is required to be in effect by the participant for the entire applicable lacrosse season (Fall Ball, Spring, Summer/Arsenal, and/or any sanctioned HLA program) in order to participate.
For instructions on how to complete many US Lacrosse tasks including:
            Common Tasks
            Parents Renewing their Child’s Membership
            Parents Joining their Child as a Member for the First Time
            Adults Renewing their Own Individual Membership
            Adults Joining US Lacrosse for the First Time
Please visit:
How much does it cost to play HLA?   
            Registration fees for the each season, exclusive of late registration fees, are listed under the tab for that season on our home page.  
What Division will my child play in?  
            Division age groups are listed on the information tab for the appropriate season.
Wait lists: 
            You will be notified by email if your player is released from the waiting list with instructions on how to complete their registration.

When are practices?  
            You can expect two to three practices per week lasting approximately 60-90 minutes.  Locations and times are determined by your coach.  Varsity boys & girls practices will start after the New Year and youth teams toward the end of February/beginning of March.   
When and where are games played?  
            Games are played on the weekends and sometimes during the week (local games only).  You will have ‘HOME’ games as well as ‘AWAY’ games in the Greater Birmingham area and Tennessee.

My son/daughter is new to lacrosse; can they play in the Spring Season with no experience?  
            Yes!  Lacrosse is a growing sport and all our HLA coaches know that everyone has to start somewhere!  Teaching our youth the sport of lacrosse is our #1 priority.

How long is a game?  
            Depending on the age group, a game can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.
Can I purchase equipment locally?  
            Yes, Dick’s Sporting Goods in Jones Valley can provide some of the equipment needed for both boys and girls.  The most important aspect of equipment is a comfortable fit for your child.
What equipment will my son need?  
            The most important fit item for boys is the helmet.  
            Poorly fitting helmets can be extremely miserable, and can be a deal breaker for your son.  We encourage families not to buy their son’s first helmet online unless it is a one-size fits all  (Cascade CPX-R or Pro-7).  Please attempt to try on equipment before purchasing. Helmet comfort by brand & model tends do vary dramatically between kids.
            Gloves are the second most important fit item for boys. They help your son retain good control of the stick while protecting his hands.
Your son will need the following equipment:
            Helmet – Lacrosse specific
            Mouth Guard
            Shoulder Pads – Lacrosse specific
            Arm Pads – Lacrosse specific
            Gloves – Lacrosse specific
            Cup and Cup holder
            Lacrosse stick
            Light weight cleats, no steel, no baseball cleats
For more details, please see our Equipment page.
What equipment will my daughter need?  

Your daughter will need the following equipment:
           Eye Protection - Lacrosse specific
            Mouth Guard
            Lacrosse stick
            Light weight cleats, no steel, no softball cleats
For more details, please see our Equipment page.